Buy Your Own Piece of America...The EASY way

We keep it simple. No complicated paperwork. No hassles. Just good quality land priced at a fraction of the competition. Click to see Available Land. Parcels go fast, contact me directly.About Me

How it works

We buy great pieces of land and sell them cheap, it’s really that simple. Whether you want an investment property or you just want to stake your claim with a place you can go to to escape the grind tomorrow or down the road when you retire, we have a property that meets your needs. 

Financing, Cash or Trade

Owning property where you know you can escape the day to day, a place where you can let your mind relax and reclaim your sanity is not something we take lightly. We know what that’s like and it’s part of why we started this company….to that end, we are open to finding ways for you to buy your “escape” and will owner finance these properties if the situation works better that way. We truly want to help…

FAST CLOSING...I will work with you

We accept bank wires, credit cards and Paypal. If needed, we will even carry a note on the land and allow you to make payments over time and we won’t penalize you if you decide to pay it off early.

Once you settle the payment, we send you the deed.  After you have received the deed, send it to the county to be recorded and its yours forever.

The bottom line is this: We will work with you to find a way to help you buy the land.


We believe in fair, honest dealings. The properties we sell are properties we would buy for ourselves. We pride ourselves on open and honest transactions with no hidden fees or surprises. When working with us, you will have direct access to us throughout the entire process. We believe it’s a privilege for us to serve you.